Your safety


All of our game generators run on highly secure servers that run 24/7 on an encrypted network. So you can have peace of mind when you are generating your in-game resources, knowing that these hacks are completely undetectable.


All of our hacks have a 99.9% up-time and are hosted on extremely high speed servers, capable of running 1,000 websites, with 10,000 on each site! Therefore, you will never experience any lag or issues when using the generators, and have peace of mind knowing that our hacks can support millions of active users at a time.


We value our users’ privacy and therefore will NEVER ask for a user’s password, no matter the circumstances. Any data running between our servers and the game servers is completely encrypted using a custom encryption algorithm, as well as being double encrypted through the use of AES-265 encryption. Those pesky game devs will never figure you out!

Our values

We believe every user has the right to use a game however they wish. It’s unfair that we are made to purchase resources to progress in-games because earning them is just way too hard. That’s why here at Game Maxer, we have developed a number of sophisticated game hacking tools to make your gaming days a whole lot easier!


If you would like to take your games to the max, then view our full range of game hacks.